Light your way

If you have ever struggled to get your door key in the lock, in the dark, you’ll know how frustrating it can be, especially when you are holding bags, kids, dogs, the wind is blowing and the rain starts! We can install an entrance or porch light, so you can find your key and get indoors as quickly as possible and put the kettle in the warm and dry!

Enhance safety

Not only does having an outdoor light make it easier for you to access your property, but deters burglars from breaking in. Criminals aren’t so keen to break into a property if they can be seen! So leaving a porch light on overnight or using a light that comes on in response to motion will make them think twice.

Longer nights

Since the longest day on June 21st (the Summer Solstice), the  amount of daylight has started to decrease by a few minutes each day. On the longest day we had 15 hours and 56 minutes of daylight with the sun rising at 5:14 and setting at 9:11pm. It is getting darker day-by-day until on the shortest day of the year (Winter solstice on Friday 21 December), this will have reduced to 7 hours 49 minutes . Sunsrise will be 8:10am and sunset at 3:59pm. Info from

PIR lights are cheaper than you think!

What are PIR  lights?

PIR stands for Passive Infared Sensors, sometimes called PID (Passive Infared Detector).

They detect motion and respond by putting the light on.  There are many styles of PIR light and they don’t cost as much as you would think!

Here are a few we think you might like:

From only £18.95 for this contemporary style PIR Dimmable light:  LightHub Stainless Outdoor Dimmable Motion outdoor porch lights with PIR

Biard Orleans outdoor wall light with PIR

PIR motion sensor when movement is detected from up to 3-6m away. A choice of modern black, copper and brushed steel finishes. Perfect lighting outdoor space such as entrances, patios and deterring intruders. Beamled Biard Orleans outdoor wall light with PIR

Lantern Lights with PIR

The Coach Wall Up Lantern – PIR combines traditional charm and will provide smart and secure illumination outside your property. Lighting direct Coach Lantern with PIR

Smarthome security lighting

Arlo ALS1101 Smart Home Security Light (Wireless, Weather Resistant, Motion Sensor, Indoor/Outdoor, Multi-Coloured LED, Works with Amazon Alexa, Echo Show, FireTV and Arlo Smart Home Security Cameras. This is a Wire-Free Smart Security Light with a rechargeable battery, Power adapter and cable. The Arlo app lets you remotely adjust the brightness, beam width, colours, and flashing patterns. Schedule your light for when you are at home, work, or on vacation. Power it with the  rechargeable battery or keep it plugged in with either Arlo Solar Panel or Arlo Outdoor Adapter (sold separately). You can link your camera and lights to activate together. Best of all; there are no subscription fees or plans!

Don’t be left in the dark!

If you are the sort of person who likes to be prepared, why not contact us for a quote for the installation of a wall, porch or any sort of outdoor lighting before it gets too dark!