Smarthome with Control 4 for Home Automation

Control 4 creates a backbone to link all the devices in your home that you want controlled automatically. You can use the existing devices that are already  installed in your home,  or purchase new ones to add to your collection.

What can Control 4 manage?

Control 4 smart home device can manage a wide digital devices include controlling your TV,  locks and security devices , lighting,  heating,  Audio and home theatre. It can control all devices on a schedule or at your command. There are over 10,000 consumer devices that can be used with Control 4 including Apple TV, LG, Samsung, Sony and many more. Control 4 can used in so many places and has even been used in a  sailing yacht.

Can it use voice commands?

Control 4 can be used with Amazon Alexa for voice activation. Some commands may be set up to control multiple devices, such as turning on lights, heating and tv all with one single command.  Amazon Echo Plus even has the ability to discover some smart home devices, making installation easy peasy.

The Control 4 Smarthome can be set to be energy efficient  and reduce bills and your carbon footprint, and even to deter burglars while you are away on holiday.

Smart home controller

There are many videos on YouTube showing how Control 4 can be used. Here is one we liked.