Restaurant Electrical Services

Restaurant Electrical Services for restaurants located in in Swindon and surrounding areas.

As restaurants begin to open to full capacity again, we understand that the presentation of your catering facility needs to be in the best condition possible to impress your customers. At MVB Electrical, we are specialists in installing and wiring catering equipment as well as taking care of your general wiring needs at the front end of your restaurant.

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What are some of the benefits of our Restaurant Electrical Services?

Improved First Impressions

The layout and design of your restaurant can be the main tipping point for some customers. Therefore, it is essential that the front end of your restaurant includes very minimal wiring on display as this could give off a bad impression for the customer. With our wiring arrangement services, we can guarantee that the front end of your restaurant will look as good as new for your customers to look on in amazement. We also offer more complex cabling/networking solutions.

Better Performing Electrical Systems

With our top of the range catering system fitting service, we will ensure that your new systems are running the best they can to ensure your restaurant continues to run smoothly. Whether it be processing orders, operating drink dispensers, or providing the entertainment for your customers through Live TV, we at MVB Electrical can assure you that all of your wiring needs will be taken care of.

A safer and tidier wiring structure

Messy and unorganised wiring system are both unsafe and unpractical. Wires that are left hanging outside of the restaurant’s walls poses a large health and safety risk for both your staff and your customers. Our wiring solutions can help solve these risks by ensuring the wires are tucked neatly away inside the walls to avoid any potential dangers. Furthermore, having a tidy wiring system can benefit future projects such as our renovation services. If you exactly where the wiring system is within your building, then there is a decreased chances you will accidentally cut through them by knocking down walls, drilling etc. Want to get a second opinion on our services? Click here to read our Reviews page.

Do you feel like this service is right for your needs? We are based within Swindon, Bath, Bristol, and the surrounding areas of the Southwest. Give us a call or fill in our contact form and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Office Refurbishments / Refits

If your business is looking to refit a premises and needs a skilled commercial electrical contractor, look no further than MVB Electrical. A complete wiring solution for your new or existing premises.

Restaurant Electrical Services

MVB can install and wire catering equipment and take care of your wiring needs for the front end of your restaurant, contact us for more info on this service.

Electrical Services for Hotels

Whether you have a small hotel or a larger one, ensuring the existing wiring is up to scratch is of paramount importance. Or whether you’re looking to refurb some rooms and need an experienced electrical contractor to carry out the work.

Industrial Electrical Services

We can carry out large scale industrial electrical installations, for manufacturing companies and more. MVB can take a full brief and work to your timescales to minimise disruption of business as a whole.

Local Authorities and Schools

We work with councils on large scale housing projects, performing a variety of electrical works. We also work with educational establishments to provide them with best in class, safe, secure, electrical systems.

Cabling / Networking

MVB are able to carry out CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7  cabling, network cabling and data cabling for your business. Whether you’re a small to medium business or large scale enterprise.

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Reasons to use MVB Electrical

Quality Workmanship

All of MVB Electrical’s work is carried out to the highest possible standard. With over 20 years experience in the electrical field, we are ideally suited to help your business or home with electrical works.

Covering Swindon / S.West

Covering Swindon and the South West of England, MVB Electrical are on hand to help you in the local area. Carrying out a variety of works, from commercial electrical works, domestic and more.

Speak to an Expert

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