Why choose KNX  for  Home/building Automation?

Intelligent Buildings

KNX home/building automation can save up to 60% on energy bills. So not only do you have full control at your fingertips, but KNX reduces your carbon footprint and saves money too. KNX meets international building standards and is tested for compliance. It works on one network, Simple!   KNX  is approved by:

  • European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1)
  • International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3)
  • Chinese Standard (GB/Z 20965)
  • US Standard ( ANSI/ASHRAE 135)

Take Control Anywhere

The controls are on your phone or device and have a simple interface. It makes controlling your smart home/ intelligent building  easy from any location, even when you are away from the property…… Whether your property is on land or sea, KNX can do the job. Read about how KNX can be used on Yachts and Superyachts.

What can KNX Automation Control?

  • Lighting – on/off or dim for mood lighting
  • AV – Audio and Video – play music across the whole building or a select few rooms
  • Temperature control – heating or air-con can be set to specific temperatures and timings
  • Blinds – window blinds  & Shutters can be controlled by time, brightness, wind or weather.
  • Security – KNX can alert and notify admin users  of open windows, doors, even furniture!
  • Emergency Systems –  control alarms and mobile alarms

The controls can be customised to make controlling your devices as simple as possible, for example automating the sound, heating and lighting to come on and go off at specific times or when someone enters the room. The controls allow devices to be enabled in multiple rooms or individual rooms.

Flexibility of KNX

Read some of the projects KNX has been installed for:

KNX Adaptability

KNX is a flexible system. Extra functionality can be added to modify systems for new devices and rooms to future proof the technology. A good time to have cabling installed is when your property is being built or under going renovation to minimise disruption and all cables will be beneath the surface leaving your home looking tidy without plugs and cables showing everywhere. If you are considering building work, the earlier you start to plan the intelligent building / smart home technology the better. This will save time and money in the long run!

Contact us for more information or read more about KNX at www.knxuk.org

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