Hanging fireplace, suspended from the ceiling in Barn conversion MVB Electrical

Fireplace Installed in a Barn Conversion

We installed this beautiful hanging fireplace in a barn conversion. It is a bold statement and stunning focal point for this room. The suspended fire draws your eye to the fire and on to the magnificent view.

This suspended wood burner is a ceiling hung fireplace. It can be placed anywhere in a room. In this barn conversion we installed it carefully near the corner. Because it is cleverly combined with a corner sofa, it creates an intimate and snuggly corner. So this large space now has a comfortable warm, relaxing zone.

Benefits of this fireplace

Because the fireplace is suspended it has a greater exposed surface area. So when it heats up it emits more heat than a conventional fireplace. However, being a rotatable fireplace means that this offers plenty of options for where to point the opening. Plus you can direct  where the greatest heat and light are to go.  The suspended wood burner fire creates such an impact in any room it really makes a great impression…. and  can even be installed outdoors!

  • 360 degrees of warmth
  • Hangs just about anywhere indoors and out!
  • Opening can be directed anywhere
  • Looks amazing!

About this Fireplace

Although this style of fireplace can be electric or gas, This particular fire is a special order Harrie Leenders. It is a rotatable wood burning fireplace with open combustion chamber. It features a spark screen, to guarantee safety and is rotatable to 360 degrees! The internal flue is made to suit the height of the room.

This type of fire can be purchased from such resellers as http://www.envirolutionstoves.co.uk/harrie-leenders/pharos-interior-hanging-fire/

Need Advice?

If you are considering this as an option, then we recommend speaking to our electrical experts  for advice. We can help guide you to find the best solution for your space. There are many different colours and styles of suspended fires that can be installed. The fires vary hugely in terms of cost of installation, running and purchase costs. To find out how we can help, contact us for more information.