Improve, not move!
The current trend is for us to stay in place and not move house. The cost of  high property prices, stamp duty and worries about rising interest rates and  Brexit have made home owners more cautious about moving and instead are choosing to stay put and adapt our current homes. A simple way to improve your home is with lighting, not only for style but also for wellness.

Increase Wellness with Light

Our fast paced lifestyles have meant that when we are home we want a space that is our sanctuary and will make us feel relaxed and well. We are more focused on wellness in our spare time to balance our busy work lives and are putting more emphasis on wellness than material things. Read More  Our homes are being renovated and redecorated with this in mind. Lighting is a main player when it comes to wellness. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) happens in the Winter months when the days are shorter and there is less light. Less light entering our eyes means less melatonin is secreted in our bodies which can affect our moods and sleeping. Increasing the amount an type of light can improve our emotions, alertness and performance. A study of light affecting wellness by Professor Thorbjörn Laike at Lund University showed that the body is influenced to a great extent by normal ambient light at ± 30˚ in the horizontal line of vision (ie in front of us as opposed to light shining from above/ceiling). The most positive effects on alertness, wellbeing and performance were observed at approx. 100 cd/m² on walls with a horizontal illuminance of 500 lx. Read More

Bespoke lighting - magnifying glass and bulb - installation by MVB Electrical

Smarthome home automation

Improve your home with lighting

Choosing shades
Colour Temperature is measured in k (Kelvin) the higher the number, the whiter the light up to daylight  (5000K-7000k)  Soft White starts at 2700K (Kelvin) to Bright White  3500K ,  Cool White 4100K. A dimmer will adjust the light giving you a wider range of different shades.

3 indoor wall lights MVB Electrical

New lights

Adding floor lights and table lamps is an easy way to add more light and pizazz. If you have space, there are some great pendant lights that will give a wow factor.  If you have a creative flare and want to recycle or up-cycle we  just love creative projects and can help turn an old object into something new! Here is a light we made for one of our customers.

Here are some  funky lighting styles that we love:

Sconce Wall Light


Chrome globe cluster pendant 

>> From the lighting company

LED Ceiling light – remote controlled
>> From BMEI on Amazon

Get a bit Smarter!

Smart Technology such as ‘Nest’ allows Wifi enabled devices in the home to be easily controlled and to create an environment that suits your mood. Smart lighting is easily adapted with the press of a few icons on your screen, or be pre-programmed to automatically come on / off at specific times. Creating a wellness environment can happen easily with some smart lighting and the help of a good electrician!

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