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Emergency Lighting tailored to your needs

Emergency Lighting is a must-have solution for your premises. In the event that the main power supply to your main lighting fails, the emergency lighting will automatically come on, providing a temporary light source for yourself and those around you. Almost every building in which the general public has access to or where people are employed needs to have Emergency Lighting for their own health and safety. We also offer Security Lighting installations and services to reduce the likeliness of robberies and other crimes being committed on your premises. Click here to find out more about our Security Lighting Installations.

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What are some of the benefits of our Emergency Lighting Services?

Never be without lighting.

By using MVB Electrical’s emergency lighting services, you can be reassured that your business will never be left in complete darkness again. Not having emergency lighting available as a backup could lose productivity for your business as you will be unable to work until your main lighting issues have been resolved. With our Emergency Lighting, they will be available whenever your business needs them and will be installed by our highly qualified specialists.

Guaranteed better safety.

Once we have installed your brand-new Emergency Lighting system, we can guarantee that the safety of both your employees and your customers will increase. If an accident occurs within the workplace that causes the main lighting to go out, then the Emergency Lighting System will automatically come on which will allow employees and customers to still be aware of their surroundings which can prevent further accidents from happening. Our Emergency Lighting Systems can help illuminate emergency exit signs, warning signs and other important areas that the client may wish to illuminate to help the customers and employees understand where they are and where to go.

Great for frequent power outages

If you live in an area that has frequent power outages, then our Emergency Lighting services may be the right solution for you. Our Emergency Lighting System will automatically turn on as soon as a power outage is detected. Leaving your home/workplace brightly illuminated no matter the situation.

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Lighting Installations

Whether you have purchase lights already and are looking to have them installed, we can help. Our bespoke lighting service is perfect for business and domestic customers, all carried out to the highest standard.

Security Lighting

We can design, install and maintain a range of different security lighting options for your business to help keep you and your property secure.

Emergency Lighting

If you’re thinking of upgrading your emergency lighting system or looking for advice on a new system installation, we can help you get up and running in no time.

Lighting Design Service

Stuck for inspiration? Or perhaps you’d like to speak to a professional about lighting options for your home or business. MVB Electrical can take the pain away with a lighting consultation.

Bespoke Commercial Lighting

We have worked with a number of leading companies and installed countless commercial lighting systems. So get in touch for advise about your commercial lighting needs?

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Covering Swindon and the South West of England, MVB Electrical are on hand to help you in the local area. Carrying out a variety of works, from commercial electrical works, domestic and more.

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